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Travel Diary: Usedom Island

Since the weather in Frankfurt has not been so nice a few weeks ago, my boyfriend spontaneously surprised me with a trip to Usedom. I haven’t been there before and my boyfriend told me that the island of Usedom is one of the sunniest places in Germany. We really enjoyed the sun when we got to Usedom. It was warm and full of sunshine while the Rhein Main area had almost no sun. We stayed at a spa hotel at the Ostseebad Trassenheide and spent most of the time at the beach. The white sandy beach was really nice but it was quite windy. The last time I saw such a strong wind was in Chicago a few years ago. At least it was warm, which was important to us. Besides relaxing at the beach we spent time with cycling and hiking.

Usedom Beach GreenUsedom SunsetUsedom Cute HouseUsedom RiverUsedom HousesWho else had the opportunity to experience Usedom? What did you like the most?

Usedom House

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