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Pregnancy Photo Shoot & 5 Personal Pregnancy Tips

My pregnancy is coming to an end soon and even though I could not always enjoy it due to some annoying side effects, I am glad I am able to experience this precious time.

Maternity Pic 1_Get Marvelous

These photos were taken a few weeks ago. At that time I was 9 months pregnant.

Maternity Pic 3_Get Marvelous

Here are my 5 personal pregnancy tips for all the future mamas out there:

1. Yoga and swimming. I did both during my pregnancy on a regular basis and would recommend every pregnant woman to remain active. Especially Yoga does not only help to feel well during pregnancy, they say that it also affect the birth in a positiv way.

2. Buy maternity clothes selectively. Although I love to shop and do follow a few trends, I have only purchased a few specific clothes during pregnancy. I actually spent only money on pregnancy clothes when they were either super comfortable, versatile (as this pregnancy jeans) or when I am able to were those after pregnancy.

3. Most of the time during my pregnancy I suffered from back pain – like probably many pregnant women – but I really had a hard time since not much helped me. I have tried a lot: acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, taping and heat (hot water bottles and cherry pit cushions). After I certain time I guess which really helped me was the combination of yoga, swimming, acupuncture and wearing flat shoes.

4. Document your pregnancy in a baby record book and take a pregnancy photo shoot.

5. Try to love your new curves and enjoy the journey and embrace being pregnant. Pregnancy is a very  unique time and the feeling of your baby inside your belly is amazing!

Maternity Pic 4_Get Marvelous

Top: Zalando Essentials ~ Skirt: Mango (similar here) ~ Necklace: Tiffany & Co. ~ Bracelets: Stella & Dot

Do you have any helpful pregnancy tips for me?

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