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Outfit: Woolrich Parka Love

I’m definitely a Summer person. It’s never too warm for me during Summer and I prefer to spend my vacation at the beach instead somewhere skiing and I love to wear light clothes like a summer dress and sandals. But I also like Winter days when the sun it out. Last weekend was one of these pretty Winter days. We were out for a long walk and enjoyed the sun. As you can see from the pictures, I was wearing my Woolrich Parka which I’m wearing a few years already. I can definitely recommend this coat and would always spend the money again. It definitely keeps me warm, which is so important to me as I’m always freezing.

So what about you? Are you a Summer or Winter person? Which jacket or coat is your favorite during Winter time?


Coat: Woolrich Parka // Sweater: Zara // Blouse: Zara // Pants: Asos // Boots: UGG // Hat: H&M // Sunglasses: Céline Audrey // Backpack: Louis Vuitton Ellipse

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