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Outfit: 5 Reasons why you need a camel coat

I noticed that most people wear dark colors during this cold season and I don’t really know why but I think it’s due to the weather. I personally do not always want to wear my black coats when it’s cold and I try to add some color to my outfits. I love my camel coat! I bought mine about three years ago and wear it every year since then. If you are thinking about getting a camel coat, then you might be interested to read the following:

  1. A camel coat is versatile. Neutral colors are very versatile. A camel coat looks good when you’re on your way to the office and it’s also perfect for festive clothes.
  2. A camel coat is timeless and because I’m a fan of timeless clothing and accessories, I love my camel coat. I’m sure you will wear your coat for several years.
  3. You just look well dressed. A camel coat can make a simple outfit with a jeans and a simple shirt look much more chic.
  4. You can wear a camel coat to almost every season. Whether it’s Spring, Fall or Winter, you can wear the camel coat almost all year round.
  5. You can’t go wrong with a camel coat. You do not know what to wear? Put on your favorite jeans & favorite top and a camel coat completes your look.

camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_11 camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_9 camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_6 camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_13 camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_1 camel-coat-x-leopard-scarf_halfies-style_14 Coat: Mango (similar here) // Pants: Zara (similar here) // Hat: Cos (similar here) // Scarf: old // Bag: Chanel (similar here) // Gloves: old (similar here) // Boots: UGG // Sunnies: Céline

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