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New In: Organic Beauty Products

My beauty routine has changed over the last few months and because I’m super happy with these products I thought I will share my experience with you:

Refreshing 2in1 cleansing milk by Weleda

I use this product to remove my make up every night before I go to bed. The result is great! My skin feels clean and fresh and there are no makeup residues on my skin afterwards.

Body oil by Oliveda

This body oil by Oliveda gives my skin super soft skin. I use it every morning after the shower on my still damp skin and it feels good, it’s not sticky and it has a summery fruity fragrance.

Candy Cane deodorant cream by Wolkenseifen

I was looking for a really good aluminum-free deodorant for a long time, until I came across the the one by Wolkenseifen. The application with the jar is maybe a little unusual but I got used to it. The smell of  ‚Candy Cane‘ is feminine and powdery and the effect is great: I stay and feel fresh all day long!

Azulen Paste

This product has convinced me because of Amazon’s numerous positive reviews. And I can really say, that this product does a pretty good job! Before you go to bed you only need to apply a little amount of the paste on the pimple and the effect is super! The spot looks much better the next morning. I can definitely recommend this product!

Rose water by Rosense

This rose water has also convinced me because of Amazon’s numerous positive reviews. I only have this for a few days so I can not really tell you much about long term results. The rosewater definitely has a rose fragrance and I heard some people even use it in the dough which they bake macarons with. I currently switch with this Aloe Vera product.

What do you think about organic beauty products? Which are your favorite ones?

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