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My 2nd Pregnancy: Gender Reveal – Girl or Boy

We know the gender for a few weeks now and have already told our family and close friends about it. I actually wanted to write this post earlier but unfortunately there were technical problems with my blog so today I can finally tell you which gender grows in my belly ….

At this point, I would like to mention that I do not really care about the gender that much. A healthy baby is really all that matters to me. You probably hear this sentence from every pregnant woman because it is instinctively the most important desire of every mama.

Unfortunately the pregnancy with my daughter wasn’t without any complications due to various events. So I do not take this pregnancy for granted as some things don’t always run easily. I feel blessed and I’m very thankful for my healthy daughter and I’m looking forward to our second child in October.

My Hubby was with me when the doctor told us that we will be getting a baby boy. I could tell by his face expression that he couldn’t believe his luck! He really wanted to have a boy this time! I also couldn’t believe it because somehow we both had the feeling that it will be girl again.

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