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How to create a Personal Atmosphere to your Home with Wallpapers

In my opinion, not only pictures or wall tattoos, but also wallpapers can create a personal atmosphere.

In German we use the so called „Tapetenwechsel“ for the term „change of scene“ so this term is really true if you want to change your home! You can visually create a room larger if you use a bright wallpaper and the opposite if you use a dark wallpaper or one with a large pattern.


1. Wallpaper in Blue-White Design

The color blue has a relaxing and inspiring impact. I also like the combination white with blue. I love to  combine white or light-colored furniture with blue wallpaper.

(See first picture)

2. Wallpaper with Damask Design

I find wallpaper with the Damask design very elegant and glamourous and if you choose a strong color, I would recommend to keep the decoration simple because the pattern is already very noticeable.

3. Wallpaper with Dots

I rather would use this wallpaper for the kids room instead the bathroom because of its playfulness.

4. Wallpaper with Gold-Colored Design

I find this wallpaper very beautiful and can imagine this pattern in a guest room.

5. Wallpaper with a Oriental Style

I also like this wallpaper a lot because of its pattern. Together with the turquoise color the bathroom looks very fresh and trendy to me.

6. Wallpaper with World Map

This wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and images are definitely not necessary on this wall.

What do you think about wallpapers in general? Do you have any on your walls? If yes, which design?



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