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How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

The entryway of a house or an apartment is a place where people do not spend much time. Therefore, many people do not spend too much energy in the decoration of their entryways. However, in my opinion, this particular section of the house should look friendly and welcoming, as this area is the first space which your guest enters. It does decide if your guest feels comfortable or rather wants to leave the house.



Everyone loves a tidy and beautiful decorated entryway. Here are  some beautiful examples:

1. Trendy Entryway

I really love this modern and feminine entryway. If your partner doesn’t mind the decoration or if you live in a single household then I would recommend this photo as your inspiration.

Entryway 2_Get Marvelous

2. Elegant Entryway

Mirrors visually enlarge the room and I love the  floor-length mirror. The black frame in front of the white wall looks very elegant.

Entryway Example_Get Marvelous

3. Unique Entryway

I have visited this house in person and really loved the unique entryway. The see-through are looks very interesting and chic to me.

Eingangsbereich_Get Marvelous

4. Bright Entryway

This entryway has very simple decoration but still looks very beautiful.

Entryway 3_Get Marvelous

5. Entryway Boho Style

Anyone who follows my posts on my blog knows that I love the boho style. I just like the contrast with colors and designs. I find that dark table and the colorful carpet goes very well with the gold colored mirror.

Entryway 4_Get Marvelous



The entryway begins with a nice doormat. Here are a few ones which I really like:

Door Mats_Get Marvelous1 Here is Hapiness ~ 2. Hinfallen, aufstehen, Krone richten, weitergehen ~ 3. Forget the dog, beware of the wife ~ 4. Hier regiert der König ~ 5. Viktorianisches Motiv ~ 6.  Stern Motiv


Do you have any decor ideas or tips in general for the entryway?

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