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Baby Update & Favorite Baby Essentials

Hello everyone! After two weeks I am back with a new blog post. In the meantime, our bundle of joy has arrived and we are now enjoying the time as a little family. Even though our small owl keeps us busy 24/7, I’m still trying to blog on a regular basis.

Bundle of Joy_Get Marvelous

Today’s post is about Babys favorite essentials. We recently received this super cute baby parka by CYRILLUS and I am already looking forward when our little mouse can wear it.

Cyrillus Baby-Parka 2_Get Marvelous

Cyrillus Baby-Parka 5_Get Marvelous

I find our new playmat in soft lilac with beautiful little stars very convienient. Since our baby is so little we currently use this playmate on the couch but as soon as she gets bigger we will place it on the floor so that she won’t be able to fall.

Krabbeldecke_Get Marvelous

This super nice wet wipe bag by Koeka found a nice spot next to our changing table. I think this wipe bag looks really cute. I’ve found the playmat and this wipe bag at Dannenfelser Kindermöbel.

Feuchttuchbehälter von Koeka_Get Marvelous

Feuchttuchbehälter von Koeka 3_Get Marvelous

Feuchttuchbehälter von Koeka 2_Get Marvelous

While I was looking for a baby blanket, I had two important factor in my mind: First, I wanted to swaddle my baby with it and second, it should keep the baby warm. I’m really happy with our new baby blanket by Disana! It’s made of new wool and keeps the baby very warm and swaddling is very easy with it.  I found the blanket at the online store Schönes-gutes.de.

Disana Babydecke 2_Get Marvelous

Disana Babydecke 3_Get Marvleous

This cute rabbit by Hansekind is made of organic cotton and can also be used as a hand puppet. The cool thing about it is that you can have it personalized with your child’s name. You can order it at Geschenke24.de.

Hansekind Schnuffeltuch_Get Marvelous

I found this cute turtle by CloudB at Amazon while I was looking for a night light. I really like the design and the positive reviews made me order it right away.

We use the turtle for a few days now and we love to look at the starry sky every night!


CloudB Schildkröte 2_Get Marvelous

I ordered this cute hand band by the talented Instagrammer Clarasbows. I actually didn’t want to buy any head bands for our baby because the ones I always have seen weren’t nice at all. But I had to order this one when I saw it!

Baby Haarband_Dawanda_Clarasbows

What do you think about my fav baby items? Can you recommend any nice online stores?

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