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Acne Miracle Product: Skinceuticals Review

Skinceuticals Products

Today I want to introduce you the THE PRODUCT which has changed my blemished skin into pure, smooth and even skin. A a few months ago I had pretty bad blemished skin and I have already tried a lot of anti acne products and non of them really worked. Then one of my friends told me to try out the Blemish + Age Defense serum from Skinceuticals. She told me how happy she was by this product and as curious as I am I had to buy the miracle product.


I use the serum every night before I apply my regular face cream. After I have used the product for a few months, my skin looked totally different. The pimples are all gone now and only occasionally show up.


You can buy the serum at the drugstore for around EUR70 which last for about 6 months or so. The tonic cost about EUR25.

The tonic „Equalizing Toner“ which is also shown in this picture is also one of my favorite beauty products. I use this product after I have removed my makeup in the evening and I apply it with a normal cotton pad. This product last for a very long time and removes the remaining makeup very well. The skin feels clean and fresh afterwards.

Have you ever tried out Skinceuticals products before?

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