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6 Pregnancy Must Haves

To all the pregnant women out there: Today I share with you my 6 pregnancy must haves:

1. Nursing Pillow by Theraline

This nursing pillow is super convenient. I use it every night as it helps me to sleep better and I use it while watching TV on the couch sometimes.

2. Pregnancy Jeans by Topshop

I didn’t have to buy a lot of pregnancy clothes, but I did buy a few new pants and I can definitely recommend this pregnancy jeans.

3. Baby Oil by Bellybutton

I’ve tried some pregnancy body oils but none of them worked for me as good as the one by Bellybutton. The smell is great and it’s fast-absorbing.

4. Milestone Cards for Pregnancy

I found out about these super cute cards through Instagram and had to buy them. These cards remind you to take pictures of your baby while your baby grows up.

5. The Big Book for Pregnancy

I read this book weekly and love it! It describes the child’s development and the physical development of the mother in each week of pregnancy.

6. Pregnancy Album

I recommend this album to anyone who wants to keep their pregnancy with beautiful memories!


Do you have any good must haves for me?

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