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5 Current Favorite Natural Skin Care Products

If you follow my blog, you know that I am a fan of natural skin care products. The change over to natural skin care products started about three years ago. At that time my sister told me a little bit about the benefits of using natural skin care products. At the beginning I did not really want to spend more money so I rarely bought any natural skin care products. That changed with my pregnancy. I began to change my entire skin care products to natural products. I just wanted to make sure that conventional skin care products would not hurt the baby. Now that my child is born, I still love to use these products and I even re-bought some of them.


Here are my 5 current favorite natural skin care products:

Lavera Self-tanning cream (for the face)

Isn’t it nice to have a gently tanned skin during winter time? I’ve been using this self-tanning cream by Lavera for years now and I absolutely love this cream. It not only gives the face a little bit of tan, it also moisture the skin as well.

You can purchase the cream here for example.

5 Aktuelle Favoriten aus dem Naturkosmetik-Bereich_1


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Before I found this natural deodorant by Schmidt’s I used to have the deodorant cream by Wolkenseifen (see here). This one is the best I have used so far. It’s reliable and lasts all day.

You can purchase it at All For Eves for example.

naturkosmetik-favoriten_nordic-birch-handcreme_halfies-style_Schmidt's Deo_Beautyblogger


Dr. Bronner’s Magic hand hygienic spray

When I’m out and about with my little one and don’t have the opportunity to wash my hands, I’m really glad to have this hand hygienic spray by Dr. Bronner’s with me. It’s always with me (as you can see here).

You can purchase the hand hygienic spray here or here for example.



“Off we go” Anti Dark Circles Concealer by Studio 78 Paris

Although I have been using the concealer by Studio 78 Paris for only some weeks now, it became my favorite concealer. It covers my dark circles perfectly and you basically see no dark areas afterwards.

You can purchase the concealer at All For Eves for example.



Shea Butter Lip Balm by KORRES

I love this lip balm and it’s perfect for this cold Winter season.

You can purchase the newer version of it here. I just found out that they no longer produce mine but I’m sure it’s as good as the old version.

5 Aktuelle Favoriten aus dem Naturkosmetik-Bereich_6

Which are your current natural skin care products?

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