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My 2nd Pregnancy: Gender Reveal – Girl or Boy

We know the gender for a few weeks now and have already told our family and close friends about it. I actually wanted to write this post earlier but unfortunately there were technical problems with my blog so today I can finally tell you which gender grows in my belly …. At this point, I would like to mention that I do not really care about the gender that much. A healthy baby is really all that matters to me.…

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And then there were four…

Ja, ich bin mit dem zweiten Baby schwanger und bin mittlerweile in der 17. SSW. Wir erwarten im Oktober unser zweites Kind und freuen uns schon sehr darauf! Und weil einige mir schon die Frage gestellt haben… Ja, es ist wieder ein Wunschkind! Der Altersunterschied der Kinder wird nicht sehr groß sein, aber es war so geplant und wir hoffen einfach nur, dass unser erstes Kind nicht arg eifersüchtig und die Zeit nach der Geburt nicht ganz so anstrengend sein wird. Wir sind…

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Disana Walk-Overall – My Personal Experience

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t exactly sure how to dress my baby for Winter. As a mother, you’re always want to have everything perfect. I just wanted to avoid that my child will freeze or sweat in her clothes. So after some online researches, I knew that I wanted to buy an overall for my daughter and not a winter jacket. But finding the right overall wasn’t that easy for me either until a mother from our Pekip course told me about the advantages of the Disana overall. She kinda convinced…

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